Valued Care Solutions

Valued Care Solutions support organisations within the social care sector to nurture, develop and achieve best practice in high quality care and support services.

Valued Care Solutions draws upon management educated, direct Adult Social Care delivery experience to offer a wide range of services including; Quality Assurance Compliance; Positive Engagement; Positive Change Management; Business Planning; Mentoring; External Supervision and Appraisal, across all social care areas.

By facilitating the space to recognise your current assets alongside appreciating areas of positive delivery, the focus of future service development and real alternative supports within social care can be nurtured within your organisation.

My vision is of a social care sector that is co-connected, sustainable for all and empowers individuals to create their own quality person centred support, whilst living meaningful and valued lives within their chosen communities

My message is simple 'VCS Listens'

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Stephen Briscoe ACMI

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